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Airbus relies on TotalEnergies​ for its fuel operations at the Toulouse airport


As a partner to Airbus at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport, TotalEnergies​ has been working alongside the aircraft manufacturer for several decades. The quality of its products and its expertise make it a special partner for all fuel-related operations. No matter how many times the contract goes out to tender, TotalEnergies​ advantages always make the difference!

Airbus in Toulouse: a major force in aviation

Home to the Airbus Group’s headquarters, Toulouse is arguably France’s aeronautics capital and flagship. The city is home to Airbus' core divisions (customer relations, supply chain management, human resources, marketing, sales, communication, finance, etc.) in addition to functions dedicated to engineering, development and production (aircraft design, final assembly line, electrical wiring manufacturing, painting centre, delivery centre, flight tests). Located all around the Toulouse-Blagnac airport, the company’s facilities host approximately 17,000 people. "Airbus handles a lot of fuel-related activities. These include test flights, which are essential for testing aircraft and new onboard features. There are also tank and gauge tests to make sure the volumes filled match the values displayed, plus the supply of motor engine fuel for all our service vehicles," explains Bertrand Bretagnol, Head of Ground Support Tooling at Airbus.


TotalEnergies​, the partner of choice for Airbus' fuel operations

Airbus has chosen to delegate its fuel-related operations to TotalEnergies​. TotalEnergies​ is responsible for fuel supply, inventory management, equipment and infrastructure maintenance (there are three major fuel stations at the Toulouse facility) plus refuelling and take-back operations. These include refuelling for the spectacular Belugas, the "Super Transposters" Airbus uses to deliver aircraft sections to the final assembly line.

TotalEnergies​ contract is put out for tender every 5 years. The Group has been working alongside Airbus for several decades now. What could be better proof of the quality of its services?! “Our fuel operations are highly specialised" emphasizes Bertrand Bretagnol. We sometimes make unusual requests, which we expect our partner to fulfill with unfailing guidance and support." For instance, Airbus recently had to increase its fuel storage capacity to meet an increase in its production rate. TotalEnergies​ successfully responded to this operational challenge and all its constraints (location, security, business continuity) and increased storage capacity on the site by 25%.

An exemplary relationship between Airbus and TotalEnergies​

Based in the Airbus fuel station buildings, TotalEnergies​ teams (station managers, quality controllers, refuellers, etc.) work exclusively for the aircraft manufacturer. "TotalEnergies​ brings us its management and refuelling skills. It provides us with a particularly high level of support for all our projects and design work, whether it’s for improving our internal processes or our operations. The teams are fully aware of our environment and our constraints, and know how to adapt to them and meet our needs." And this team work isn’t going to stop there. "We are already thinking about tomorrow, notably by stepping up our active cooperation regarding biofuels, which we’ve already used to power some fifty flights, and by making plans to introduce electric vehicles.TotalEnergies​ has plans in this area, and we are proud and happy that the Group is offering us its innovations!”


In a few figures

Airbus in Toulouse is…

17,000 employees

400 aircraft produced every year

8,000 fuel operations completed by TotalEnergies​

Approximately 5,000 flights a year



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