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Aude Lemordant, aerobatics pilot

Two-times Aerobatics World Champion (in 2013 and 2015) Aude Lemordant hopes to regain her title at this year’s WAC (World Aerobatic Championships) held in Châteauroux, France, on 20-31 August. After a two-year break from competing, this avid female pilot is ready to take on the challenge.


WAC 2019: competition at the highest level

Flying the colours of her native France, Aude Lemordant will attempt to win back her title of Aerobatics World Champion. Back in the competition after taking two years out to look after her young daughter, she knows all too well that the stakes are high. “There has been a lot of progress at a technical level. In aerobatics, there is no room for error. Which is why we’ve been training hard with the French team since April.” The tricolour pilots travel from all over France to attend training programmes led by their official trainer, Patrick Paris. Flying twice a day for a week, every three weeks, they repeat their manoeuvres and routines tirelessly in readiness for the big day, even when temperatures on the tarmac reach close to 45°C. Aude Lemordant also trains closer to home, in Dijon. “I like to work with different ground support crew. This gives me more input on the various different aspects (aesthetics, techniques, etc.) so that I can make adjustments to my manoeuvres.” She also receives coaching sessions at the CREPS (Sports Performance Expertise and Resource Centre) in Dijon-Bourgogne, where she is monitored by a physical coach and a mental coach.


Once a pilot, always a pilot!

Aude Lemordant hopes to match her technical level of 2015, after her absence from the circuit. And she knows that she will need to put up a hard fight to regain her title. “And even if I don't win, I’m still happy to be taking part. Competition forces you to keep bettering your achievements. You can't rest on your laurels, you have to keep challenging yourself. That's what I enjoy about it.” As a true perfectionist, this aerobat is constantly striving to improve her performance. And in her regular job as airline pilot with Air France, she recognises how lucky she is. “My employer is very supportive of me. During the flying season (April to September), they allow me to organise my schedule to fit around my training. And for that I’m very grateful!”


Acrobatic flight, a love story

Interested in the world of aviation from a very young age, Aude Lemordant discovered an outlet for her passion in aerobatics. “I love flying and I love sport. Aerobatics combines the two. It’s piloting in its purest form, and so you need to be in peak physical shape.” Working alongside her for a number of years, TotalEnergies​ supports her in her passion. “To have the backing of a group likeTotalEnergies​ really means a lot to me. TotalEnergies​ has its own place in aviation history and enjoys credibility and renown in the field. I feel very proud that they have chosen to invest in me.” And so Aude Lemordant feels very well supported. “It’s not merely sponsoring. There is a whole team in the background encouraging me along the way. There is a real human aspect to this partnership, and that’s really important to me.” Fingers crossed for WAC 2019!


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