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Flight sharing gaining ground

The flight sharing platform Wingly, founded in 2015 as a sort of BlaBlaCar of the skies, is seeing significant growth. Its figures are trebling or quadrupling each year, with 10,000 flights recorded in 2018. Total, who support innovative projects in the world of aviation, is a partner of this company. The objective is to make private aviation more accessible and encourage the sharing economy.


Flight sharing: a new concept for flying

Flight sharing works on the same principle as car sharing. Here the car is replaced by a light plane, flown by a non-professional pilot who shares their mode of transport with a few passengers. The aim is either to get from point A to point B or to fly over a region to discover the landscape and culture. "We want to break this cliché that private aviation is only for the elite," explains Emeric de Waziers, co-founder of Wingly. "Due to the volumes, meaning a high number of flights, the prices become accessible for all".  Starting from €30 per person, it is now possible to afford a flight experience near you or to go for a weekend to Deauville or Île de Ré. "The only obstacle that we encounter is the climate. If weather conditions are bad, the plane will stay on the ground. It is difficult therefore, for now, to use flight sharing to get to an important meeting or event."


Make the most of trends that are taking off in aviation

The founders are looking to use this platform to "educate the market". When it comes to new things and innovation in the aviation sector, they hope to see flight sharing become more widely used. "At the moment it's a widespread practice among pilots but is still little known among the general public". With the boom in new modes of propulsion (electricity, hydrogen, etc.), the plane is set to become a more responsible and less expensive mode of transport in the long term. All the more so as the platform helps to optimise journeys and pool the costs. By sharing the flight you can reduce the environmental impact of your trip. "Internet use is also moving towards making private aviation more commonplace. In just a few clicks you can now book a flight, where before you had to go through a broker whose prices weren't necessarily transparent."


Total and Wingly, a partnership serving aviation

Total has chosen to support Wingly since 2017. The Group participates in events organised by the flight sharing platform and leads actions to raise its profile. "This is a sign of quality for us to be a partner of major players in aviation. We thus gain credibility among both pilots and passengers, and we benefit from Total's highly respected image in this sector".

In figures

10,000 flights per year

300,000 members

15,000 pilots

3,000 towns served

2016: service opened in Germany

2017: platform available in the United Kingdom

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