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Hutchinson launches its Aerospace Services business

A subsidiary of the Total Group since 1974, Hutchinson is a French equipment manufacturer operating primarily in the automotive and aerospace industries. From the cabin of an aircraft, to the airframe and down to the engine, the company offers acoustic, thermal, antivibration, fluid transfer and sealing solutions. The company wants to couple this expertise with a quality after-sales service. With that aim in mind, in June of last year the company launched "Aerospace Services" in order to provide a comprehensive offer to its customers.


At the service of the aerospace industry

Hutchinson has one hundred production sites around the world, 44,000 employees and a global research centre based in Montargis. Its expertise lies in providing comfort, security and energy-saving solutions for the aerospace, automotive, defence, rail and industry sectors. As for its ambition, "our goal is to become a player in the mobility of the future on land, in the air and at sea", explains Hervé Raoult, Vice President of Business Development. A positioning in which its aerospace business plays a vital role. This business is split into 6 major business lines: thermal and acoustic insulation, composites for interior trim or the airframe, transfer of fluids (air distribution in the cabin, for example), antivibration solutions, sealing and, more recently, a 3D polymer-based printing offer. Among the company's customers are some of the biggest names in aviation: Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream, Dassault Aviation, Bombardier, ATR, Safran... The list is long and prestigious.


An offer dedicated to aerospace after-sales

In June, Hutchinson launched an "Aerospace Services" offer. The goal? To better meet the expectations and needs of its customers in repair, servicing and maintenance. "We work on the cabin, the engines (cold parts only) and the airframe, which corresponds to the structure of the plane or the helicopter", says Norbert Langlois, Vice President of Hutchinson Aerospace Services. Hutchinson makes every effort to provide intelligent repair solutions. "For example, instead of throwing out a damaged part, we try to salvage it - we are focused on recycling, which is economically profitable for airlines.” Over the years, the company has developed specific expertise, for example in the field of additive manufacturing (or 3D printing), fire tests and acoustics. "In the latter area, the challenge is to create ultra-light systems, which will save mass on an in-service aircraft.” In the future, it is the company's know-how that will evolve, with the arrival of predictive maintenance. "Being able to predict when a component will fail is a revolution: it represents substantial savings because a plane will be immobilised for a much shorter time while in heavy maintenance."


Business aviation, a strategic segment for Hutchinson

"Business aviation is a developing sector," says Hervé Raoult. We are able to adapt our expertise to the specific requirements of this field.” The focus is on acoustics, particularly at the fuselage level. Because comfort is a key element for business customers. However, we can't overlook the importance of aesthetics. Hutchinson offers a range of interior trim, with composite panels in a leather finish for example. "We are continuously seeking to innovate, whether with new materials or new expertise, in mechatronics(1) for example. The company's future will be based on new technologies. A promising future!



(1) Industrial technique consisting in simultaneous and symbiotic use of mechanics, electronics, automatics and informatics in the design and  manufacture of new products - Larousse


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