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Avgas UL 91

AVGAS UL 91 is cleaner for the environnement in our general aviation network. It is a new fuel aimed at the general aviation market.UL 91 is a colourless, unleaded aviation gasoline that we designed initially based on Rotax engines - and has since been endorsed by Rotax for the 912 UL/A/F, 912 ULS/S and 914 ULF/F engines (read the Rotax Service Instruction).

Thousands of motors across Europe can use AVGAS UL91. Modern flex-wing microlights, modern autogyros, and popular aircraft such as the Alpi Pioneer, Aquila, Banbi MCR-01, CT2, Europa,  EV-97 Eurostar, A-22 Foxbat,  C42 Ikarus, SportCruiser, Tecnam P2002 and Twin P2006 can all benefit by switching to UL 91 today.

Unlike AVGAS 100 LL, AVGAS UL 91 is an unleaded fuel, which means it is cleaner for the environment and it meets the international standard ASTM D7547.


The UK Light Aircraft Association (LAA) published an Airworthiness Approval Note for use of UL91 in appropriate LAA aircraft, which can be found here. It contains a list of the most popular types of engines for which the fuel is deemed suitable.  

Lycoming Service Instruction SI-1070S was issued in April 2013, adding to SI-1070R issued in April 2012. Lycoming Engines have approved AVGAS UL 91 on 63 specific engine models across the range from Lycoming 235 to Lycoming 540. 

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued a Safety Information Bulletin in May 2012 which can be found by clicking here.

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TotalEnergies Aviation French Card

UL-91 Card


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The new TotalEnergies Aviation fuel card has no restrictions and is now available to all European pilots even those with a bank account outside France. With this card, you can fly freely and enjoy a whole range of advantages including free deferred payment, discounts on fuel, and safe refuelling at any one of our 100 automated fuel stations. All our refuelling stations are open 24/7 and meet the highest safety standards. What’s more, the card is free of charge. The hardest part will be choosing your next destination!


Misfuelling means delivering the incorrect grade of fuel into an aircraft.

The risk of delivering the wrong grade of fuel exists for general aviation aircraft, and for some wider bodied aircraft that are overwing fuelled, and may therefore mistakenly be fuelled with avgas or jet fuel.

Serious consequences of misfuelling include engine failure if jet fuel is delivered instead of avgas or ignition/engine failure if avgas is delivered instead of jet fuel.

There are many similar looking aircraft in operation internationally, where visual appearance alone is not enough to identify the required fuel. In some cases, existing aircraft originally designed for aviation gasoline are being converted to jet fuel. In addition, the filling ports on modified aircraft may not have been replaced with the larger diameter fuelling ports dedicated for jet fuel hence increasing the risk of misfuelling.

General aviation

For our customers at smaller airports and aerodromes, our General Aviation fuel business offers all the fuelling options you need.