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Coronavirus : TotalEnergies​ mobilizes to deliver emergency fuel services

Emergency plane

With this extraordinary situation currently affecting the entire planet, TotalEnergies​ has chosen to stand by its customers like a caregiver would. The primary objective is to provide fuel for medical mobility and emergency evacuations. While delivering this service, we’re committed to ensuring the safety of everyone, employees and service providers alike. TotalEnergies​ Aviation and TotalEnergies​ Group teams are on-call to keep you fuelled!

Delivering service continuity at airfields

Fuelling is maintained at most airfields where TotalEnergies​ operates. An on-call service is in operation to maintain equipment and ensure its safe use.  "We’ve set up team rotations to make sure premises and vehicles are disinfected, fuel deliveries are received and emergency requests are processed, all in strict compliance with safety and health rules," explains Jean-Luc Moine, TotalEnergies​ head of Aviation Operations in France.
 And the same goes for joint ventures, notably the one with  Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, to which some of Orly's activity has been routed. The objective is to guarantee continuity of service. In this way, TotalEnergies​ contributes to making sure repatriation flights operated by airlines, commercial flights switched to cargo, military flights and medical evacuation flights from helipads or airfields operated by third parties all go forward without a hitch. Most stations are being resupplied with A-1 JET. However, except in special circumstances, the distribution of AVGAS 100LL is suspended.  "Aviation fuel stocks are at a very high level across the country. Our supply chain department is constantly monitoring the facilities that are still open. We are highly committed to making sure that requests from hospitals and critical customers alike are processed at any time of the day or night.”

Protecting the health of employees and service providers

Health and safety are our priority. We comply with the recommendations of the competent healthcare and government authorities. At open facilities, we guarantee operational continuity in compliance with the strictest safety standards. Naturally, every precaution is taken to ensure that the employees and service providers involved can operate in TotalEnergies​ safety. As soon as an employee or service provider arrives on-site, his or her temperature is taken. Hydroalcoholic gel, disposable gloves and wipes are made available to everyone. "The wipes are also used to clean the delivery trucks at the end of each shift." Door handles, eating areas and sanitary facilities are disinfected on a regular basis. A delivery note procedure has also been implemented. This is now done without personal contact. Finally, distancing rules (standing at least 1 metre apart) are applied. These conditions are essential to avoid any risk of contamination.

The Group mobilizes to support hospitals

TotalEnergies​ commitment throughout the country is just as strong at Group level. In fact, TotalEnergies​ has decided to donate fuel vouchers in the form of a fuel card  to healthcare professionals for a TotalEnergies​ of 50 million euros, to make it easier for them to travel.  Another Group initiative involves donating aviation fuel to the NGO Aviation Without Borders to carry available healthcare personnel and medical equipment to sensitive areas in France. In addition, 5 million euros will be donated to the Institut Pasteur and hospital and health associations to support their involvement in the fight against Covid-19.  The Group is also working to ensure service continuity at service stations and heating oil, off-road diesel, heavy fuel oils, wood (pellets and logs), AdBlue® and lubricant sales outlets.


If you need to travel to the field, remember to bring your special travel pass.  You can download it from the Ministry of the Interior website by clicking here.  Follow the instructions.


TotalEnergies​ shares the everyday lives of those who are fighting the epidemic, wherever they may be.




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