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TotalEnergies supports airlines in decarbonising their flights during the Connecting Europe Days

Lyon, 29 June 2022 

TotalEnergies is supporting the decarbonisation of the airlines present at Connecting Europe Days on 28 June by fuelling 11 flights with SAF "Sustainable Aviation Fuel" at Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport.

SAF, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, are an immediately available solution to contribute to the decarbonisation of air transport. They have the advantage of being directly usable in aircraft (within the limit of 50%), without modification of the engines or infrastructure, and allow CO2 emissions to be reduced by up to 90% over the entire life cycle of the biocomponent, compared to their fossil equivalent.

The Connecting Europe Days, organised in collaboration with the French Presidency of the Council of the EU, bring together politicians, industry representatives and the European Commission to discuss transport and energy efficiency.
European Commission to discuss transport and mobility. On this occasion, 11 flights operated by Air France, KLM, Easyjet, Wizz Air, Transavia, Vueling and Lufthansa were fuelled with SAF by TotalEnergies on Tuesday 28 June. This sustainable aviation biocomponent is produced by TotalEnergies in France, at its La Mède biorefinery (Bouches-du-Rhône) and its Oudalle plant (Seine Maritime), from used cooking oil and blended at a rate of 30% with traditional fuel (JETA1).

Thanks to this rate of incorporation, this SAF has made it possible to reduce the CO2 emissions of these flights by almost 27%.

"TotalEnergies is proud to meet the SAF needs of its customers and to support them in their energy transition challenges at Connecting Europe Days. FAS is today the best solution to reduce the carbon footprint of airlines" explains Joel Navaron, Director of Aviation. "By directly reducing our customers' CO2 emissions, we are working towards our ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, together with society."


TotalEnergies and Aviation

With nearly 280 airlines supplied at more than 300 airports worldwide, TotalEnergies is one of the leaders in air refuelling in France, Europe and Africa. The company offers a complete range of products (SAF, Jet A-1, Avgas) and services adapted to the needs of each of its customers: airlines, business and leisure aviation, the aviation industry, airports, etc.
TotalEnergies is involved in a number of initiatives to produce and market sustainable aviation fuels, in partnership with companies in the aviation sector. A Renewable Fuels Business Unit was created in 2021, entirely dedicated to the development of renewable fuels. A new milestone was reached in May 2021 with the first long-haul flight powered by Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), produced by TotalEnergies in France, and in October 2021 with a flight from Nice to Paris fuelled with 30% SAF.
By developing and supporting the emergence of a sustainable aviation fuel industry, TotalEnergies confirms the leading role of France and Europe in supporting innovation in the energy and environmental transition.


About TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies est une compagnie multi-énergies mondiale de production et de fourniture d’énergies : pétrole et biocarburants, gaz naturel et gaz verts, renouvelables et électricité. Ses plus de 100 000 collaborateurs s'engagent pour une énergie toujours plus abordable, plus propre, plus fiable et accessible au plus grand nombre. Présente dans plus de 130 pays, TotalEnergies inscrit le développement durable dans toutes ses dimensions au cœur de ses projets et opérations pour
contribuer au bien-être des populations.


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