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142 stations & self-service distributors everywhere in France allow you to refuel your aircraft

  • 130 stations with Avgas 100LL
  • 8 stations with Avgas UL91
  • 59 stations with JET A1


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François Lozach

TotalEnergies Aviation is a historical partner for the Montpellier-Occitania aerobatics team, and has been involved with us for over ten years. It accompanies the competitors from their first spin to the highest level at the world championships. Allowing young (and not so young!) pilots to discover flying upside down is a priority for our association. We are very grateful to have TotalEnergies Aviation by our side for so long! 

François Lozach Pilot
Charlotte Marin

TotalEnergies is present on many platforms. It's practical to have a card and to be able to refuel just about everywhere we go, whether in France or even abroad, I use my card for my hobbies, which are aerobatics and light aviation, but also for professional purposes (I'm a jet pilot).  In my opinion, TotalEnergies is committed to the future, to renewable energies, which is a good thing for everyone. It also highlights the efforts made in aviation.

Charlotte Marin Pilot