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TotalEnergies, partnering with air industry professionals through strategic alliances.  


TotalEnergies partners with Airbus

For several years, TotalEnergies Aviation and French aircraft manufacturer Airbus have been working together to enable Airbus to guarantee its fuel supply, reserve management, maintenance of facilities and infrastructure, and refueling operations at its site in Toulouse. 

We are responsible for no fewer than 10,000 into-plane fueling operations a year at the Airbus site. 

Since 2021, we have also been involved in an R&D project co-funded by the DGAC, the French civil aviation board, alongside Airbus, Safran, ONERA and Dassault. 

Our role in the project is to supply sustainable aviation fuels for engine and flight tests, in order to reduce CO2 emissions.  


TotalEnergies Aviation and Dassault 


TotalEnergies Aviation also partners with Dassault Falcon Services at two sites: Le Bourget and Mérignac.  

We carry out their into-plane fueling and defueling operations, and provide special and military fuels. 


TotalEnergies and Safran : a strategic partnership


In September 2021, TotalEnergies and Safran Created a Strategic Partnership to Accelerate the Decarbonization of the Aviation Industry.  

In 2021, Safran Helicopter Engines carried out initial tests at its Bordes site in southwestern France, running  a helicopter engine on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) produced by TotalEnergies from used cooking oils.