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Light electric aircraft have been booming for some time now: lower CO2 emissions, 5 times less noise pollution than internal combustion engines, less engine maintenance... a whole host of advantages that are contributing to their development and making them a perfect fit with the airport environment.


Our electric charging stations are currently installed at the following aeronautical platforms:

  • Toussus-le-noble
  • Etampes
  • Pontoise
  • Melun

You can find your electric charging stations directly from the TotalEnergies Aviation Station Finder:


We bring you our expertise in the implementation and operation of electric recharging solutions and in the supply of low-carbon electricity, to support your transformation and promote the use of electric light aircraft thanks to a network of suitable recharging stations.

This solution helps to reduce noise pollution on platforms.

A turnkey solution

TotalEnergies Aviation offers you a turnkey solution for equipping your site with recharging stations:

  • Station design
  • Installation, supervision and maintenance of the equipment
  • Supply of low-carbon electricity
  • Setting up the payment and invoicing system
  • Specific TotalEnergies Aviation electric recharging cards
  • 2x faster recharging

What are the benefits for you ?

By installing an electric charging system at your property, you:

  • Help reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce noise pollution by making it easier for electric aircraft to navigate (up to 5 times less noise pollution)
  • Join a network of recharging points that is set to expand, giving you the chance to increase traffic at your airfield, diversify your activities and customer base, and fly electrc from one airport to another.
  • And above all, you'll be playing your part in the development of electric aviation alongside all the pioneers in this field !
  • Recharging twice as fast as traditional chargers


To find out more, discover the experience of Alexandre Chouquet, Business Engineer