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Our partnerships

Fédération Française Aéronautique (FFA)

Logo FFA

In 2019, the FFA (French Aeronautics Federation) celebrated its 90 year anniversary, and in 2020 the 25th anniversary of its partnership with TotalEnergies.

This historic alliance testifies to the trust and mutual respect between our two organizations. Our shared mission is to take the aviation of the future to new heights. Want to know more about this partnership ? Click here.


Rêves de Gosse

The charity Les Chevaliers du Ciel was born of a desire to allow children to enjoy a passion for flying. 

Each operation begins with a "special action" attended by children who are "ordinary" or "extraordinary" (living with disability or disease, partially sighted or hearing-impaired, excluded) to get past their differences and change people's attitudes. They are put into pairs, which then design their own "special action". At the end of the operation, they enjoy their first flight, the popular "Rêves de gosse" (Kids' Dreams) which is held in several French cities and is given free of charge by the charity's pilots.

1,500 to 2,000 flights are held every year, under the patronage of the French President since Jacques Chirac was in office. 

Did you know? For over twenty years, TotalEnergies has partnered Rêves de Gosse and provided some of the fuel for the charity's planes. More about our partnership.


Rêve de gosse



Logo Fly and kiss

Founded in 2011, every year FLY n'KISS allows underprivileged, sick or disabled children to enjoy their first flight. The event also features make-up sessions, a make-your-own boomerang workshop, plasticine modeling, personalized certificates, candy/gifts and a snack stand. 

Since it began, the charity has organized over 2,000 flights for lucky children. 

Did you know? TotalEnergies supplies some of the fuel for these flights and the annual FLY n’KISS air tour. 


Amicale de Voltige Aérienne (AVA)

The Amicale de Voltige Aérienne (AVA) was created in 1980 by international stunt pilot Régis Alajouanine and flight instructor Fernand Digeon, and has trained over 400 aerobatics pilots to date. 

The excellence of the AVA's training and courses is evident from the results of its dynamic team and high-level, experienced pilots. 

The AVA also has volunteer enthusiasts who come to help young people and women to achieve success in national and international competitions.

The AVA has a very homogenous fleet, with excellent French Mudry-type aircraft flying the TotalEnergies colors. It is also France's biggest aerobatics club, winning the French Club champion title in 2021, thanks to 4 two-seater CAP 10 for ab initio training up to National 2 level, and its 4 high-level single-seater CAP 231/332/432/532. 


AVA logo
logo aeroclub of Montpellier

Aéroclub Hérault Montpellier Occitanie (ACHMO)

Founded in 1910, the Aéroclub Hérault Montpellier Occitanie was the first club to join the French Aeronautic Federation, the FFA. Several world champions and famous figures such as the sportsman Jean d’Orgeix and the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry were members of the ACHMO.
Since 1935, the club has followed a strict policy of aircraft renewal, in order to acquire the best-performing modern planes, and those that preserve the environment, such as those with lower sound levels. It is also known for maintaining a first-class aerobatics activity for over thirty years.

A few figures:

  • Over 5,000 flying hours 
  • 400 members
  • A dozen planes

ACHMO is one of the biggest French flying clubs.