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All about AVGAS 100LL aviation gasoline

What do you know about AVGAS 100LL ?

Specially designed for aircraft with spark-ignition piston engines, AVGAS 100LL is a blue aviation gasoline with a high octane number. The octane number measures the fuel’s ability to resist compression without detonating, which is the most important property for this kind of fuel.  

In general aviation, engines are exposed to very different pressures from automotive or ship engines. So they have been designed to use fuels with high octane ratings, such as AVGAS 100LL, where 100 is the aviation lean rating, and LL stands for low lead. 


Carburant avion
Carburant aviation

What is the composition of AVGAS ?  


AVGAS is a gasoline containing tetra-ethyl lead (TEL), which gives it a high octane number. This allows the fuel to be used in engines with higher compression ratios without detonating, which can damage the structure of the combustion chamber.  

How can you identify AVGAS 100LL at a service station? 

  AVGAS 100LL is marked in airport refueling facilities with AVGAS in white letters against a red background, preceded by a vertical bar in light blue. This clear labeling was designed to prevent any "misfuelling", with the unleaded AVGAS UL 91 (white letters against a red background, preceded by a vertical orange bar, recognized in service stations by a green border around the red background) or JET A-1 (white letters against a black background, preceded by two white vertical bars) being erroneously used instead. Similarly, AVGAS dispenser nozzles are painted red and JET A-1 nozzles are painted black.  


AVGAS 100LL characteristics


Strict specifications

AVGAS 100LL complies with the latest issues to date of two major international standards:  

  • ASTM D910  
  • DEF STAN 91-090  

Ongoing quality monitoring

TotalEnergies offers AVGAS 100LL that complies with international standards and specifications, and is fully traceable from the refinery to the aircraft. In addition to this, TotalEnergies Aviation has added its own procedures and checkpoints to guarantee product quality throughout the logistics chain.  


Deliveries adapted to your needs

TotalEnergies’ AVGAS 100LL is available in over 120 airports in France and over fifty countries worldwide