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TotalEnergies Aviation is expanding its network of general aviation airfields in the Ile de France region

TotalEnergies Aviation is expanding its network of general aviation airfields in the Ile-de-France region with the opening of four new airfields: Chavenay, Saint Cyr l'école, Pontoise Nord and La Ferté Alais.  

Here's a quick look at the 4 new sites!


Located in the Yvelines department, just 12 km from Versailles, this airfield is specially dedicated to general aviation, with the distribution of Avgas 100LL.


The site is home to a dozen flying clubs, around 1,200 pilots and just over 130 aircraft. 8 communes border the platform. Chavenay sets an example for its good practices, particularly its respect for local residents.



Learn more about Chavenay's airfield.


Located in the Essonne department, La Ferté Alais is an airfield with Avgas 100 LL and Jet A1. Approved in 1947, this airfield is well known for having hosted numerous film shoots. It is home to the remarkable Salis Flying Museum, with 50 vintage aircraft retracing the history of aviation from the pioneers (1908) to the 1960s.

Emblematic models include the Blériot XI, the Spad XIII and the Boeing B-17. In addition, five Morane-Saulnier aircraft listed as historic monuments are also on display. The airfield is internationally renowned as a sanctuary for vintage aviation. Every year on the Whitsun weekend, the airfield hosts a famous airshow: "Le temps des hélices ".


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This general aviation airfield in the Val d'Oise includes business aviation and distributes JET-A1.


TotalEnergies already operates the Pontoise Sud airfield, supplying AVGAS 100LL and electric recharging for light aviation.




Learn more about Pontoise Nord's airfield.


The Saint-Cyr airfield in the Yvelines, just 4 km from Versailles, offers self-service Avgas 100LL. It's the ideal place to come to Paris by light aircraft, thanks in particular to its excellent rail links, which provide access to central Paris in less than 30 minutes.CParis Air Services, a partner of TotalEnergies Aviation, also provides a range of services for visiting aircraft, including refuelling and handling.

The airfield is home to more than 1,250 pilots in a dozen flying clubs, including the Amicale de Voltige Aérienne, also a TotalEnergies Aviation partner, and Paris Flight Academy, a professional flying school.

Last but not least, the St Cyr l'école site offers pilots and their passengers a magnificent flight over the Château de Versailles.

Learn more about Saint Cyr l'école's airfield.