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As a Business Aviation operator, you are flying around the world and you need to fuel easily and securely. With more than 50 years in the Aviation business, TotalEnergies​ is your trusted partner. 

Working with TotalEnergies​, you will benefit from competitive online prices and accurate invoicing sent by e-mail, a personalized commercial service and a dedicated emergency line 24/7. You will also benefit from TotalEnergies​ Quality and Safety in storage and into-plane operations. TotalEnergies​, the European and African market leader, has a worldwide network with a strategic position in the global Aviation market. From Le Bourget to Dakar, from Geneva to Singapore, our into-plane agents refuel a plane somewhere in the world every 30 seconds.

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ATI Card


TotalEnergies​, a market leader in Europe and Africa, has been a supplier of Jet Fuel to the Aviation Industry since 1955.

We offer to airline companies specialized in business aviation a Fuel Card with high added value services which is accepted at more than 180 airports within our network. To apply for TotalEnergies​ International Fuel Card, take advantage of all its benefits and get access to online pricing.

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With the customer access, you can make your JET A-1 refuelling requests over Internet in total simplicity. This innovative concept on the market is already highly appreciated by our customers for its dependability and its reactivity.




AES Invoice

Enjoy the benefit of our invoice Archive e-Service (AeS):

  • electronic archiving solution offered by TotalEnergies​ to his customers
  • exclusive web access
  • data exchange without risk
  • cost saving
  • legal constraints respected

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