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As part of the roll-out of its electric recharging network for light aviation, TotalEnergies Aviation recently installed a new electric aviation recharging point at the Melun Villaroche airfield, completing a project planned as part of the renewed contract. Last October, we announced the renewal of TotalEnergies Aviation's fuel supply contract with Melun Villaroche airfield. The contract not only includes the supply of aviation fuels, but also the installation of an aviation electric recharging point, which was completed last April with the installation of a 22 kW point.

This terminal has already proved its effectiveness during a successful test with a Pipistrel aircraft from Lognes.

Our customer was keen to contribute to the development of light electric aviation and the installation of this terminal represents a strategic step forward for TotalEnergies Aviation, enabling us to promote sustainable aviation and strengthen our commitment to innovative energy solutions that contribute to the decarbonization of the aviation sector.

In addition, this terminal strengthens our network of electric recharging terminals for aircraft in the Paris region, where four terminals have already been installed. This simplifies navigation options in electric aircraft and contributes to the development of electric aviation.