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Aude Lemordant's new plane: high performance to excel in aerobatics

After piling up victories in the French and world aerobatics championships, Aude Lemordant takes up a new challenge and changes plane. This custom-made craft, an MXS, is much more powerful than the previous one. Aude will have to tame it quickly to be ready for the upcoming championships! 


Aude Lemordant's new place infography
Built in Australia.
This is the 2nd aircraft of this type in the world.
The plane is made entirely out of carbon fibre. So it's very light (560 kg)
It's much more manoeuvrable:the oversized control surfaces provide a lot more deflection. 

350 HP engine
7.4 meters wingspan 
6.5 meters long
Top speed: 450 km/h
Not yet certified. Files under prototype status with a pass.


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