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FLY n’KISS: making children’s dreams come true

Founded in 2011, the FLY n'KISS  association also offers first flight experiences to underprivileged, sick or disabled children. In addition to the flights, the day’s events include face painting, boomerang making, play dough workshops, personalised diplomas, goodies/gifts, and a snack/candyfloss stand. Since its creation, it has performed 2,340 first flights to the children’s greatest delight. Over the years, FLY n'KISS has built up a network with other associations caring for sick, disabled or underprivileged children, such as L'Envol and Princesse Margot. "A lot of very different kids attend the event: autistic children, young people with Lyme disease, children suffering from cancer, etc. It's extremely moving to know you’re making them happy for the duration of a flight," explains Thomas Machado, president of the association. FLY n'KISS works mainly in the Ile-de-France region and, once a year, travels elsewhere in France to stage an event. TotalEnergies is committed to the association and provides regular financial support. 


Boy in front of a flu n'kiss plan


Men in a fly n'kiss plan



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