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The majority of French TotalEnergies​ airfields is now supplied with JET A-1, AVGAS 100LL and AVGAS UL 91.

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Dear valued customers,

With the French Government having decided on the date for lifting the COVID-19 lockdown, the time has come to consider the procedures for returning to normal. TotalEnergies​ teams are on stand-by to organise the smoothest possible return to your refuelling stations.

During the lockdown, most TotalEnergies​ sites have been supplied with JET A-1, AVGAS 100LL and AVGAS UL 91.

Most of the AVGAS 100LL and AVGAS UL 91 network is once again operational, except for the following sites: Besançon-Thise, Chalons - Ecury sur Coole, Chateauroux-Villers, Chelles le Pin, Coulommiers Voisins, Dreux Vernouillet, Epinal-Dogneville, Flers-Saint Paul, Le Blanc, Lunéville-Croismare, Montluçon-Gueret, Nogaro, Oloron-Herrere, Pierrelatte, Sarreguemines-Neunkirch, Soulac sur Mer, Valréas-Visan and Vesoul-Frotey.

View the list of open or closed JET A-1 fueling stations in France.





People’s health and safety is our priority. We comply with the recommendations of the competent health and government authorities. At open sites, we guarantee operational continuity in full compliance with the strictest safety standards. 

With operations spanning the entire country, TotalEnergies​ shares the daily lives of those fighting the epidemic, wherever they may be.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Follow the keep-well instructions, look after your loved ones and take care of yourself.

The TotalEnergies​ teams



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