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Inspections, technical assistance and quality control : Deliver a compliant product and ensure flight safety

As a founding member and major player in the JIG, TotalEnergies Aviation is strongly committed to product quality and puts safety first. Contact us to benefit from our support and tools.

  • Inspections: assessing your facilities and helping you to achieve excellence.

Carried out by our JIG-accredited inspectors, the inspections check the compliance of your fixed or mobile installations, operating procedures and boarding operations. This assessment is also an opportunity to re-evaluate your action plan, and is therefore fully in line with your continuous improvement approach. Several major national oil companies have already put their trust in us to carry out their inspections. We carry out more than 200 inspections a year.

  • Access to our technical support and documentation

Do you have any questions about the design, construction, operation and maintenance of petroleum installations throughout the aviation supply chain, as well as about conventional and sustainable fuels, their handling and quality control? Don't hesitate to contact us via our generic email and/or our hotline, or by consulting our documentation.

  • The MOCQ: TotalEnergies Aviation's reference manual

TotalEnergies Aviation has developed its own operations and quality control tool to comply with international JIG standards. This comprehensive tool, the Operations and Quality Control Manual (OQCM), has proven its effectiveness and is used at more than 200 sites worldwide. It is designed to meet your requirements.

  • Assessing product analysis laboratories: guaranteeing the reliability of your results

To assess the quality of the laboratories analysing your products, our team carries out annual Cofrac-accredited (ISO 17 025) ring tests. Different samples of the same product are sent to a panel of laboratories, including those you have appointed. By studying the results supplied by the laboratories, we are able to compare the quality of their analyses with those of others, and so assure you of the quality of the services provided by your laboratories.