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A look back at the highlights of the FFA

This summer has been rich in events for the Fédération Française Aéronautique (FFA)! In Albi, the World Precision Piloting Championships thrilled the city. While the Young Pilots Air Tour flew to every last corner of France. 

World Precision Piloting Championships: France on the podium! 

After the French Championships in 2021, Albi hosted the World Precision Piloting Championships from the 20th to the 27th of August, 2022. Pilots from eleven nations flew around the city’s skies, and competed in the traditional landing and navigation tests. A giant screen was set up so the public wouldn’t miss anything of the show! And it was Poland, who, honouring their world title obtained in 2019, took first place on the podium. This event marked a turning point for the French team, who won the silver medal for the first time! Throughout the competition, an extensive program allowed the public to interact with the athletes: an opening ceremony parade, demonstrations, a flight simulator, FFA stands, and more.

Young Pilots Air Tour: the next generation of aeronautics is assured

A biennial event, the Young Pilots Air Tour brought together some forty-five budding pilots, aged 18 to 24, from six hundred FFA associated flying clubs. From 16th July, they took off for 15 days of flying, marked by seven stages departing from Chambéry. The cities flown over included: Rennes, Niort and Tarbes. Each day, this unique experience evaluates pilots on the ground and in the air: navigation, trajectory precision, fuel estimation after each flight, and more; an enriching and exciting adventure for these young people. Its purpose? Promoting aviation by going out to meet the public, with guided tours of aircraft on the ground, quizzes, activities for children's centres, visits to vintage aircraft, a career forum, and more. All to introduce the curious to flying, and, why not, perhaps recruit some new enthusiasts!