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COVID-19 - Temporary Measures

TotalEnergies ​mobilises to meet the challenge. Most TotalEnergies​ sites are still being supplied with JET A-1.

Temporary Measures

Covid 19


Dear valued customers,

During this unprecedented situation due to the COVID-19 epidemic, TotalEnergies​ teams are ready and on call to support the mobility requirements of their customers and emergency health services.

During this period, most TotalEnergies​ sites will continue to be supplied with JET A-1 aircraft.

Except in some special situations, the distribution of AVGAS 100LL is suspended at most sites.

View the list of open or closed JET A-1 fueling stations in France.

As the situation is likely to change daily, the list is updated on a regular basis.




Priority to SAFETY

People’s health and safety is our priority. We comply with the recommendations of the competent health and government authorities. At open sites, we guarantee operational continuity in full compliance with the strictest safety standards.

In addition to the hygiene actions taken in recent weeks to reduce contamination risks, we have adapted our field organisation and office habits with teleworking for our teams, especially  for the sales, operational support and customer relations functions.

If you need to travel to the field, please remember to bring your official travel pass. You can  download the pass from the Ministry of the Interior website by clicking here.

With operations spanning the entire country, TotalEnergies​ shares the daily lives of those fighting the epidemic, wherever they may be.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Follow the keep-well instructions, look after your loved ones and take care of yourself.


The TotalEnergies​ teams



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