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FFA and TotalEnergies​: Video overview of this long-standing partnership

This is the 25th anniversary of the partnership between the French Aeronautical Federation and TotalEnergies​. We are proud to announce its renewal for the next 3 years.
For the occasion, we have gathered in an interview Jean-Luc Charron, President of the FFA and Paul Mannes, Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies​. During this interview, divided into 6 episodes, you will learn more about the foundations of this partnership, the 2019 World Aerobatic Championships (WAC) in Châteauroux, the contribution that the FFA and TotalEnergies​ are making to the development of aeronautics and their visions for the future of the sector. The video was shot before the confinement, no trace of mask and no mention of the COVID-19 crisis. It was a friendly, open-ended exchange of views, with a real passion for the subject.

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