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TotalEnergies rolls out the tax-inclusive JET A-1 fuel card

JET A-1 card


You've been waiting for it! The TotalEnergies Aviation JET A-1 fuel card for private aviation with fuel tax (TICPE) billing has finally arrived. Aimed at flying clubs, individuals, companies and associations, this card will make your life easier by facilitating your refuelling and billing operations. A highly appreciated development!

Fuel tax: aviation fuel regulations are changing

In France, the domestic tax on energy products (TICPE) - formerly known as the domestic tax on petroleum products (TIPP) - targets petroleum products when they are used as fuel or heating fuel. The aviation business is, of course, subject to this tax. Since 2009, this tax has been extended to all individuals and companies not able to prove that they do business in the "other than private tourism" sectors.  Exemptions may apply, particularly for users with an AOC (Air Operator Certificate). These are mainly commercial airlines carrying passengers. Other exemptions are issued by customs on a request basis, e.g. for powerline aerial surveillance or spraying operators, flying schools, etc.

New for aviation customers not exempt from fuel tax

With this new card offer, JET A-1 refuelling is billed inclusive of fuel tax. The card is accepted across the French network, i.e. nearly 60 facilities supplying JET A-1, 20 of which are equipped with automated vending systems. Use the card and get a unique special rate across the entire French territory plus simplified billing. These benefits are just a click away: if you’re not already a TotalEnergies Aviation card customer, sign up online at
- if you already have a TotalEnergies Aviation card (AVGAS or JET A-1 exempt), send your request to TotalEnergies Aviation Customer Service ([email protected]) stating that you would like a "JET A-1 TICPE INCLUDED card", the list of registrations and your card account number (bottom left corner on your cards).

Please note: if you already hold a fuel tax-exempt JET A-1 card, you can continue to use it as usual. 
If you sometimes fly privately and would like to refuel independently from a vending machine, you can apply for an additional "TICPE INCLUDED" card. When you use this card, the TICPE fuel tax will be applied to your bill.

New fuel tax-inclusive card: TotalEnergies delivers solutions to its customers

TotalEnergies has redesigned its system to bring this new card to its customers. This in-depth redesign now enables TotalEnergies to welcome all JET A-1 consumers to every airfield. Another project is now completed: French automated fuel supply points will soon be accepting ATI cards (see below). Here’s even more flexibility when you rely on the TotalEnergies network.

JET A-1 Card


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