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Business aviation in Switzerland with Speedwings

Speedwings is a private aviation company in Switzerland. Its business is growing with the recent opening of a brand new business aviation terminal at Payerne military airfield (third longest runway in Switzerland), where the company is the exclusive FBO assistance agent (FBO: Fixed-Base Operator, the company the airport has designated to provide aerospace services). What better proof of the company’s vitality!


A year of big aviation firsts for Speedwings


Our business aviation activity accounts for roughly 3,000 cumulative flight hours, serving around 6,000 passengers every year,” explained Samuel Werner, Speedwings’ Chief Operating Officer. Their aircraft are based at three airports: Geneva and Payerne in Switzerland, and Paris Le Bourget in France. They operate taxi flights from these airports to locations around Europe, North Africa, and Russia for the most part, as well as non-stop flights to Dubai and the East coast of North America.

Their current fleet is made up of high-quality aircraft, including three Embraer Phenom 300s, a Cessna CJ2+, a Citation Bravo, a Citation Excel, a Citation Ultra, and the recent addition of a brand new Embraer Praetor 600. “Speedwings also recently ran its longest ever flight, a 7-hour and 42-minute trip between Belém, Brazil and Montreal, Canada to deliver the new plane.” They also recently made their first trans-Atlantic flight, between Montreal and Vienna, Austria. 6.4 tonnes of JET A-1 fuel were needed for this 7-hour and 30-minute flight.

TotalEnergies​ commitment to Speedwings

Speedwings has been working with TotalEnergies​ for several years, mostly in Geneva, where the company buys around 1 million litres of JET A-1 fuel per year. Their second supply point is located at Paris Le Bourget, where they purchase around 450,000 litres annually. The launch of their FBO activities at Payerne airport required many years of preparation. Since the beginning, TotalEnergies​ has shown a keen interest in the project, making investments and working with Speedwings’ teams during the 13 years it took to make it a reality. “Today, Speedwings has made the choice to use TotalEnergies​ as its exclusive supplier for civil aviation fuel at Payerne airfield. We carry out loading operations ourselves, in line with JIG procedures and standards. TotalEnergies​ uses bridgers (refuelling tankers) to resupply us from Geneva, since we don’t have a storage tank at the airport for the moment.

Speedwings and TotalEnergies​: an exemplary commercial relationship

TotalEnergies​ has provided the aviation company with a supply lorry at Payerne airport, which makes it possible to offer responsive services to operators that are passing through with this next generation vehicle that comes equipped with the latest EZ Control interface. The customs status of Payerne airport makes it possible to deliver JET A-1 fuel that is exempt from taxes on mineral oils for eligible flights, i.e. for commercial flights to destinations outside of the country. “Thanks to the support from TotalEnergies​, we can offer competitive services from Payerne airport. TotalEnergies​ gives us a significant degree of logistical flexibility. For example, we were able to deliver 28,000 litres of fuel in one day, thanks to the perfect synchronisation of deliveries from Geneva. This ensures a continuous supply, which is essential for us.” This partnership has a bright future!


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